Monochromatic Outfit: Beige Aesthetic

Hello Everyone, be very welcome to my latest proudest outfit I wore: my all beige spring outfit!

And this outfit has two big plots:

  1. All beige is one of the latest fashion trends for 2020, and it doesnt even have to be warm for that, there are many gorgeous all beige outfits for every season.
  2. I am the fourth owner of this beautiful pair of pants, m friend gave it to me because it didnt fit her, and she got it from a friend that got it from another friend. And this is beautiful, cause I have a awesome pair of pants in one of my favorite neutral colors, that could’ve instead just be thrown on the back of someone’s closet. So this week stop for a minute, check what you haven’t wore in a while and give it to someone who’s gonna give that piece some purpose.

Coming back to this pretty outfit that I putted togheter in a minute:

Pants are great, they’re are TopShop, they have tayloring vibe, it has a midi lengh, pockets and I am obssessed about the color. Because it was tecnically still winter it wasn’t so warm yet, but itdef wasn’t cold so I decided to go with a beige sweater, sleveless cropped and nude sandals.

For a trend twist I added a baguette bag (the only one I have, that’s why is the only black item) and a huge hair clip, don’t forget to chek the post on fashion trends for 2020.

And the result is a killer outfit that caught veryone’s attention. Also I found it very feminine and apropriate for a 24 years old hahah

Obssessed. How about You?! Would you wear it?!


2020 Fashion Trends To Keep an Eye On

Hello Evryone, how are you all doing on this beautiful day? Over here I am doing great! Espeacially because today we will be talking about something I love: fashion trends.

I don’t know about you but I am obssess with fashion trends, I think of them as a fun way to reinvent ourselves and our old outfits. As quarentine became more and more real, I started to think we would have as many trends as past seasons. But then we got a social midia ‘boom’, and all of the sudden so many trends and aesthetics started to appeared.

I won’t be able to talk much on aesthetics today, but I’ll make sure to cover some 2020 fashion trends that are everything we need for this year. Let’s get started?!

For the past two years, little by little, hair acessories are becoming a part of women wardrobe again, and as a good minion of Blair Waldorf I am extremely happy with that. Speacially because I never felt like not wanting to wear hair acessories but they sure got lost for a good amount of years.

Gadly they are back and there’s nothing more feminine and more complemental to the outfit than acessories. So my tip for you is: choose your favorite and wear it with no fear. Here are some options for you:


Hair clips

Head Scarf

Head Band

There are so many more ideas and inspirations on hair acessories, and you can check them all on my Pinterest account and on my Instagram highliths, dont forget to check it out.

Square Sole Sandals

Beige / Greige Outfits

Monochromatic outfits in neutral color, speacially white, off white and beige diserve our attention in 2020.

Tennis Skirt

Tank Tops

As basic as it can be, they still look great even with the fanciest outfits.

Knit Vests

Who would guess these old things would come back, but I am in love, aren’t you?!

There are a few more but I’ll leave for a part II. Hope you guys enjoy this post, don’t forget to leave a comment on which one is your favorite.


Trend Alert: My Tennis Skirt Outfit!

Hey guys, how are you doing today? Let’s talk about one of the latest trends, whi has been showing up just this year: The Tenis Skirt!

A sporty piece of clothing with only one function untill 2020, the white pleaded skirt is part of the preppy aesthetic and its usually a component for a girly outfit.Thats not a rule, but the item will bring some “Mean Girls” vibe to even the darkest look.

I brought two outfits with the same tennis skirt for you guys today:

First one I added a grey  sweatshirt and a white headband, you could either weart it with a button shirt underneath or simply add a thank top and tie your sweather/ sweatshirt around our shoulders.


For the second one I decided to go for an all white look, with the thank top, and the button shirt over, but left it open. Also added high fun socks and hair clips to acessorize my Outfit.

That was it for today, how did you like this trend. I think I might keep fr a while, cause I loved the vibe haha



How To Do a Fashion Photoshoot in your Apartment

Hey Guys! Quarentine is still on over here, and as a content creator I found myself in neeeding to get out of my comfort zone some how, and i am really proud of the work I’ve been doing so far (which you can all check it out on my Instagram).

So, I’ll be here giving you guys some photoshoot ideas in the next few weeks, starting by the first one I did back in May.


This collage was my favorite quarentine work, loved the colors, the little details on it, the vibe, I feel like you can really understand a lot of me throught that. And her’s how you can do the same.

I chose a white wall next to the balcony door, which is the most source of light I get in my tiny apartment, I also used a light ring to complement the light,

Some of this pictures were cut so we can get that “close up look” and some of them were taken very close, like the hand one, and the one where you can see half of my face.

The idea here is to explore yourself and mix and match different shots and angles. You can try more than one outfit, or maybe switch the details for flowers or fruits.

Be creative, try new things, do what makes you feel comfortable and uncomfortable…

Here are the real size pictures:


That was it for today! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily fashion tips and pictures.



Plaid Pants + Puffy Sleeves

Hey Guys! Its been a while, right? I hope you are all doing okay and excited for today’s post, cause I brought a flawless and timeless outfit for all your beautiful young busy women out there.



Got my combats during this crazy quarentine time and could wait for all to be over to style it, so I got dressed up just for these pictures, but I am really proud of the results and can’t wait to wear it outside 🙂

For this Outfit I’ve paired a puffy sleeves linen white shirt with a pair of plaid pants, this one has a very light and small pattern: a beige backgroung with thin black and brown lines. Both are from Cotton On. Then I added my new pair of combat boots and a black baguette bag for this 2020 trendy outfit.


A few things are important to consider when it comes to this outfit:

  • The heavy look on the boots has been totally broken by the delicate shirt;
  • The bag and the boots are a trend for 2020, but they also come from different decades of the past century, which brings a vintage and timeless look.
  • The neutral colors allow this outfit to be worn in different seasons or situations;
  • The Outfit has a very classy, european vibe.


That was all, hope you guys have enjoyed todays outfit, can’t wait to share more with you 🙂



OOTD:A Clean Outfit Made by Me!

Hey there! Last Year for my molding class in Fashion School, we had to get two of our creations out of the paper, so we did our own pencil skirt and a pair of pants.

As we got to choose everything about it, such as color and fabric, and what shape we would like for it. I’ve picked out this denim in a off white/cream color, and chose a very tailoring style for it.

It was a bit of a work, but it turned down the way I expected:


For the firts time wearing I`ve decided to style with a basic top, in a black color for contrast, and white sneakers to create an idea of longer legs.

Here are some similar ones to buy it:

ItalistNA-KD  – Brandy Melville

Let me know what do you think about the outfit, even better about the panst? Would you wear it? Would you buy it?




It’s the beggining of a brand new school, and I am half way to my fashion degree  Yaay, but while I make my way to it, let’s focus our attention on looking fashion while walking this path, and also while studying, applying for interships, going to the gym, taking public transportation and also keeping our social media active, right?!

So for this video I have a few casual, comfy and stylish ideas for you to be able to do all of this and remain sharp. Take a look:

Here are the brand for each outfit:

  • First one: Destroyed Jeans are Charlotte Russe; shirt and sneakers are Vans; belt and scrunchie are Cotton on.
  • With the same shirt we move on to: Levi’s Jeans, Cotton On denim shorts and Forever 21 vichy skirt.
  • Third Look: Forever 21 Skirt, T-shirt is from a brasilian Store called Renner, and shoes are Zara.
  • Forth one : Cotton On denim Shorts, Forever 21  yellow gypsy top.
  • Fith : Levi’s Jeans, Forever 21white top and, and the vichy crop top is a mistery, cause it was a gift.
  •  Adidas shirt, Cotton On Jacket.
  •  LANY shirt (got it at their concert) + Malwee Leggings and old school Vans
  • Biker shorts are Forever 21, t-shirt is Renner
  • Shorts are Forever 21 and top is Cotton On

Which one is your favorite Outfit? Can you guess mine?



Tell me one thing better than summer?! I honestly think it doen’t exist! Summer has all of the best things in one season: warm weather, long days, beach days, all the best fruits, ice cream, tan lines, days spent in bikini’s… seriously, most days i wish it could be summer all year long, but unfortunetly we got only three months of the blessing season, and I plan it to live it right!

When I was doing the January set up on my bullet journal, I knew I wanted to do something to remember my summer days, and looking for inspiration on my Pinterest board, I came accross a summer bucket list!

I used to do life bucket lists all the time when I was a teenager and all i had plan for my afternoons were a good amount of hours on “we heart it”. But never, not even once I set down to write a summer bucket list. So why not do this right now?

And because I had so much fun creating it and thinking about all the great things I coul do these months, I decided it needed it’s own YouTube video, so here it’s:

All of theses pictures can be find on my pinterest account

Here are all the things on my bucket list, if you would like to try it as well:

  • Buy a magazine: haven’t done it in so long
  • Plant a flower: wish it was a tree tho
  • make fruit popsicle
  • Thrift store Tour
  • Go toa farmers Market
  • Go to the beach
  • Plan a weekend Trip
  • Go to a Museum
  • Read a Novel
  • Do a Picnic
  • Write a Letter to Future SELF
  • Go on a Nature Walk
  • Try a new Ice Cream Place
  • Eat summer food: corn, mango, acai, barbecue
  • old movies Marathon
  • Water Park / amusement park
  • watch fireworks
  • chalk the sidewalk
  • go biking
  • go hiking
  • Temporary Tattoo
  • Take a dance Class
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Journaling
  • see a waterfall
  • photoshoot in a farm
  • Make pottery
  • art Class
  • Get a massage
  • Be happy/gratefull/ have more fun
  • Create a life bucket list

Which pof these woul you love to do? What are your plans for summer?

Can’t wait to hear from you, hope to see you soon,



Bullet Journal Set Up & January set Up

Hey there! For those who don’t know, this year I decided to comit myself on creating my own bullet journal. I honestly tried this last year, but end up loosing myself on the way (only did the firts few months and then stopped). But I am not a quitter and this year I got back to it.

Bought a tiny little journal with those polka dot pages, search a lot of information on Pinterest, and went for it. Down below is the process and result of it, hope you enjoy it.


Did you like me January set up? Do you keep a bullet journal? What is your favorite thing about journaling? tell me down below.

Hope to see you soon,


Plaid Pants for a Grunge Comfy Outfit

Hey there!

For Christmas I’ve got this cute pair of pants that my sister bought online, one for me and one for her,  and I loved! it was this blue and yellow plaid fabric, very cool, very grunge, very 90’s and I couldn’t wait to wear it.

But I am not gonna lie, I had a hard time thinking of ways to style it, until I came up with this outfit below, check it out!

I’ve decided to wear my new pair of pants with a cropped top of the same shade of blue, and go crazy with a yellow belt that I got for my Rock In Rio outfit last year.


I’ve style them with white sneakers, first because I can’t manage to get those out of my feet, and second because they were my only option as I didnt get a pair of Dc. Martens yet.

But can’t wait to do a lot more outfits with this plaid pants!

And how about you? How would you style it?

Hope to see you soon!