Hello Everyone My Name is Deborah and I’m the oficially writer of this Blog.

The “MissMingrone” happend four years ago, right after I graduated from high school and was as lost as everybody else. And the way I felt back then is exactly how I feel now, like I’m  in need of something new, a space for me to be myself again, where I can feel excited again.

This is the reason why I turning this blog upside down, starting again, this time in English.

And just so you guys can connect better with me, this is going to be a “Get to know me (again)” post. Let’s go?

I’m a twenty years old woman (girl) currently living and studying in the biggest City of Latin America, São Paulo – Brasil. I do Fashion Design as a major in college. I decided I wanted to study Fashion a little bit before I create this blog (that was kind of the reason I started in the first place), but Fashion has been my passion for so long that I can even remember anymore.

In 2016 I started College, did it a whole semester and went on a adventure. I wanted to take a year abroad and the easiest option was to be an Au Pair, and like it was the easiest decision of my life I went, and with some problems and no regret I spent two years in New York: six months in Long Island and a year and three months in Rockland County, to be more Specific.

There I fell in love, I found myself like never before, I worked harder than ever in my life, I got the chance to travel to many more countries, like Mexico, Holland, France… I made lifetime friends, I experienced so much that sometimes I just wish I could live all again.

Time flew, most friends were gone, I missed my family so much, my time there was over, not forever, but for that time, so in May 2018 I got in a plane back home.

And since then everything is been beyond confusing, a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, a lot of crying, but also a lot of time to get to find myself again, a lot of warm days, a new job, and some new friends. Changes are so not what we expected, they are more, sometimes in a good an easy way, and sometimes in a way that will makes us grown.

I’m finding myself again, I believe God will Help me, and I hope you guys enjoy this new ride with me.

Se you soon, bye bye!



Published by Deborah Mingrone

Big City Lover, Fashion Student in São Paulo, Brazil, ex- Au Pair in New York. Living and sharing aall my experiences and ideas over here. Be welcome into this amazing journey called life with me! Don't forget to check instagram and Youtube for more.

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