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Oieee! Hello everyone, first of all I wanted to say how much I’am enjoying writing again, cause around the past six months I was feeling like all the things I used to love to do, became obligations, But since I turn this blog in English it has been nothing but excitement. So I want to thank you all who’s reading and connecting with me in some way ❤

Now we can move forward to  the post haha. If there’s something I’m proud of in my life, is about my style, which during my Au Pair days resumed to pajamas and Uggs only. Lately, because of my new eating habits, I haven’t been fitting most of my clothes anymore, so I’m working around whats been fitting me and waiting for everything else settle  so I can wwear all of them again.

And I’m only saying that because I have clothes with so much history, clothes that I hold on for years because I love it, and clothes that are just so different that nobody else has.

I shared all about it in this video, and I hope you guys enjoy it. Whatever you think about this video pleas leave a comment or your like, so I know how to improve or what not to change in the next videos.

Hope to see you soon, bye bye ❤

Publicado por Deborah Mingrone

Big City Lover, Fashion Student in São Paulo, Brazil, ex- Au Pair in New York. Living and sharing aall my experiences and ideas over here. Be welcome into this amazing journey called life with me! Don't forget to check instagram and Youtube for more.

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