Hair Acessories Are Back! And I’m Gonna Show You the Pretty Ones

Oieeeee! Hello every, how is your Monday going so far? Mine is being pretty awesome. And during some researching at work today, I got myself staring at some amazing hair acessories and tought it would be great to share them with you.

I am gonna start with basic, whch is: bobby pins are back! In so many gorgeous ways… Take a look:


I was on instagram the other day, if you don’t know me yet: instagram is my little terrible obssession, and I saw this amazing account from a store in Australia with the most amazing marble looking acessories: like purses, and clutches and hair clips. And they come in so many beautiful colors, patterns and shapes: like this seashell one, how freaking cute is that?

Third: head bands!

I love heabands since Blair waldorf became our queen. You can imagine how sad I was when it stopped being a thin. But Thank God they are back and prettier than ever…

I loooved all of them, but I’ve been obssessed with the thick velvet ones that are all over my instagram.

And last but not least:

When I thought scarfs and bandanas couldn’t get any preetier, life comes to show me I am wrong again. Very recently I start seeing those a lot around internet, and honestly can’t wait to get one.

Even knowing I am pretty lazy when it comes to do my hair, I loove hair acessories, I think they make even the most simple hairstyle, a lot prettier.

What do you think? which one is your favorite?


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Paulistana apaixonada pelo caos da capital, estudando Design de Moda na Anhembi Morumbi e tentando arrumar tempo pra compartilhar tudinho por aqui. Bem vindos ao meu mundo.

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