Trend Colors For Your Wardrobe in 2019

Oieeeee! Hello everyone, are you guys excited for todays post? Cause I am.

I’ve been working on this new collection of shoes for the company I work for, and talking about inspirations and trends I started where it was more obvious: by looking at Pantone Colors for 2019. And honestly, I felt in love instantly!

I want to show you guys some of the colors already applied in great looks I’ve been seeing online and in stores. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

  1. Earth Tones
  • Pantone Toffee
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_18-1031-toffee_600px
  • Terrarrium Moss
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_18-0416-terrarium-moss_600px
  • Soy Bean
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_13-0919-soybean_600px
  • Sweet Corn
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_11-0106-sweet-corn_600px-2
  • Brown Granitte
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_19-0805-brown-granite_600px-1

So the thing here is simple than it looks like: You don’t need to wear the exact same colors as it’s suggested, you can use any earth tone you like it or find it, and if the monochromatic thing does not please you, don’t worry cause I got more colors you can add to your wardrobe 😉

But before I get to that, here are some ideas of how to use the these colors:

Can’t lie, this has been my favorite colors when it comes to clothes. I really feel like going to a more mature and clean kind of look, inspired by earth tones closer to the brownish.

Here is my (latest) favorite look:


This look actually can lead us to the next few colors, because besides the fact that it’s brownish, it has a very bright color kind of mixed it up with an orange tone, and guess what? There’s a lot of that too in 2019. Check it out:

  • Turmeric:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_15-1264-turmeric_600px-1
  • Fiesta:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_17-1564_fiesta_600px
  • Living Coral:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_16-1546-living-coral_600px

2. Coral

CORAL!!! THAT’S THE COLOR OF THE YEAR. And don’t be foolish, it’s not pink, so if you’re not really into pink there’s is no problem at all in wearing everyday hahah

Here are some outfit ideas for the colors above:

And again, you can either wear a monochromatic look with this color, you can wear it very basic with black and white, but on top of everything is a great combination for green and toffee, and even leopard print (don’t tell anyone, but the leopard is back sshhiii…).

In my opinion it’s a very bright color that does call for attention, and might not last over seasons, but let’s face it! It’s an awesome match for warm sunny days right?! And I heard spring is around the corner for most of you guys!

3. Pink

But If you kind of like the idea of the color but is not really sure it’s for you, I got some other options on the pocket to present:

  • Jester Red:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_19-1862-jester-red_600px-1
  • Pink Peacock:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_18-2045-pink-peacock_600px
  • Sweet Lilac:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_14-2808-sweet-lilac_600px

Still kind of shock (and very Barbie), but a little bit more discreet as this tones are way less bright.

I am guilt to talk about this cause pink was my favorite color since I learned how to speak. And, probably, because of that I am kind of sick of it and won’t be wearing too much, but you can indeed plan gorgeous looks with this option.

One of my outfits for last spring, very much on the same idea:


* check the video with this and four more looks by clicking here*

And to finish this post I saved the eccentric different colors for last:

  • Aspen Gold:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_13-0850-aspen-gold_600px
  • Princess Blue:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_19-4150-princess-blue_600px
  • Mango Mijoto:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_15-0960-mango-mojito_600px
  • Eclipse:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_19-3810-eclipse_600px

4. Golden and blue

Honestly, I’ve been seeing yellow all over windows stores, but the blue tones not so much. But still there are many ways you can add this to your closet:

How pretty are all of these colors and looks, I honestly can’t wait to fill up my closet with all of these. And the most interesting part is that it’s very easy to apply them in different ways, like in candy color, or maybe in neon, which have been making everybody’s mind lately:

Which of these do you like the most?

My favorite are the earth tones and can’t even fake it. If you guys follow me on instagram you saw this on the stories this week:


And if you don’t, I suggest you to follow me right now : @missmingrone.

Hope to see you all soon, bye bye.





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