Life Updates and first “The HighLights Of the Month”

Hey Guys, I know I’ve been missing, so I thought I should share with you some updates, and the little interesting facts that happened in this busy month.

As March is about to end, that could become a “highlight of the month” kind of post, right? And maybe we can keep that in mind for the ones that are going to come…

So march was very hectic, on the first day of the month I took it off my Implanon, which was a birthcontrol method that I chose to placed inside my arm two years ago, but drove me crazy in the last year. So, with that (or in this case, without it), I was able to control a lot more my feelings (they were a disaster before) and also am managing to come back to my normal weight.

I am very excited to see how everything is changing now that I am free of it. I did and a video for my YouTube chanel explaning everything about it, I already have four other videos following the entire process since I decided to put it on, but as they are all in portuguese I’ve been questioning myself if I should do another one in English, or if I should just add subtitles in the ones hat are already up there. Let me know if you have any opnion on that.

After that, Carnaval came (click here to see all the pictures in another post), I had a whole week off, went to some parties, and did my first Make Up Tutorial, that turned out realy fine (click here to watch and don’t forget to subscribe).

In this picture you can see the bandage in my healing arm

Another high point of this month that you guys probably don’t know about it is that I got a full size mirror for my bedroom and now my new obssession is to share my everyday look on Instagram Stories, I also share some bible verses and talk about my eating change into a more plant based food diet. So if you don’t follow me yet my instagram is @missmingrone.


Went to the beach last week : YAAAY! I was going to have my first Surf Class last Saturday but my ”teacher” had a problem with it and we had to reschedule, but no worries cause I was at the ebach, and it was a lovely hot day even knowing that was the first weekend of fall. And I vlogged everything for you guys, and can wait to share it over heree!


For my last update I honetly hope you guys consider listening t this one, cause I finally got my shy young sister to record her beautiful voice, and she blessed us all with this beautiful cover:


Hope you guys enjoy this little update, I come back really soon with new posts! Se you soon, bye bye!

Published by Deborahmingrone

25 years old. Brazilia, Fashion Design Student - Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Senac, Parsons School of Design. Former Au Pair. São Paulo -> New York. Come join me in this amazing journey called life. Don't forget to follow me on instagram and Youtube for more.

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