Oieee! Hello Everyone, how are you guys doing? Today I want to write about one of the things I love to do the most on my phone: edit pictures. And because this is one of my favorite hobbies, I got to discover a few new apps in that last six months, that are now part of my days and can be a life changer for you too.

First of all, they are apps, for your phone, so there’s a limit of how good they can actually be.

But don’t worry, I promise I am gonna say nice things about them, eventually hahah. My point is, they are not professional plataforms like Photoshop or Lightroom, but they are amazing for daily edition or last minute posts, and they can be really fun.

So here we go:

  1. The Tezza App

No, couldnt start with anything else! I downloaded the Tezza App a few months ago, the app can be downloaded for free, but unless you pay for the good stuff on it, it gets very limited, hmm but honestly, it’s worth every cent. The Tezza App has great filter with great colors, all very warm, it has a few dust filter options as well, and if all of this isn’t enough, the Tezza App also has Templates and filters for videos, so it’s been a life saver for Instagram, which seems to never be able to create good filters for stories (#sorry Instagram, I love you, but Snapchat was always better at it).

all editted with “mood” preset, which is my favorite.

2. Meitu App

Definetly my latest obssesion! Meitu App is different from all other apps, it gives you the chance to play and get creative with your pictures: you can add glitter, emojis, flowers and butterflies with the magic brush. You can also change the backgroun for a beatiful Mosaic, can animate your pictures by adding movement to them. And now, with the latest update, you can also Auto Make up your pictures.

edited with magic brush tool

Auto make up correction, take a carefull look at my face.

On this video I add the rainbows with the magic brush and then animated the picture, all  using Meitu App.

3. Color Story

Last but not least, I got one of my oldest favorite apps. Color Story has very delicate presets, that helped me harmonize my feed for such a long time, with color but very light filters. One of my favorite tools are thee Effects, which brings this great light that you can only get when lens meet the sun..


My entire 2017 Summer Feed, all edited by Color Story

So, tell me, which one is your favorite app, please comment so I can look for them 🙂

Hope to see you soon,


Published by Deborahmingrone

25 years old. Brazilia, Fashion Design Student - Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Senac, Parsons School of Design. Former Au Pair. São Paulo -> New York. Come join me in this amazing journey called life. Don't forget to follow me on instagram and Youtube for more.

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