Trend Alert: Mismatching Nails

Oieee! Hello Everyone, I hope You all are feelling as great as myself today, my classes got cancelled so I slept late, took a long steamy shower, took good care of my hair and  skin, aaaand, did my nails. And let’s be honest, who doesnt feel much better after getting their manicure done?Something about it just makes me feel a hundred times prettier and happier, in some way.

And if basic nails already bring up my mood to another level, you guys can’t even imagine how happy I am about the last Nail Trend that’s all over my pinterest: Mismatch Nails.

Yes! First time I saw it, it looked silly and very childish, but let’s be honest: my soul is probably 5 y.o. so it didn’t take long until I fell in love, completly with it.

And also, there are some options to this mismatch trend that can help it look more mature, take a look:


First time I tried those, I was very disappointed at it, cause it turned out a little weird, but after a better choice of colors, this second try, ended up cute, mature, pretty and very delicate.


Here are the nail polish I used on my nails, but as they are brazilian products, right below, there’s a selection of some very similar colors you guys also use.


The best thing about it, is that you can be totally spontaneous about it, mismatch the colors the way you most feel like it, mix your favorite colors, pic similar ones or even colors that you never though it would go togheter. In one way or another, I feel like we it’s a new way to re-invented ourselves. Take a look at some other ideas:

Another great thing about it, is that it can last over seasons, maybe by switching the bright colors into coffe/ nude tones, how about an orange dregadê  to match the pumpkin season, or red and green for christmas? I smeel great ideas coming for more posts like this, what do you guys think? Let me know in the coments…

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more ideias.



Published by Deborahmingrone

25 years old. Brazilia, Fashion Design Student - Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Senac, Parsons School of Design. Former Au Pair. São Paulo -> New York. Come join me in this amazing journey called life. Don't forget to follow me on instagram and Youtube for more.

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