Oieee Hello Everyone, hope you are all doing fine and excited for today’s post.

I decide to bring it another trend alert, first because last week I mention I had two more following posts on the matter (click here to read it) and second ‘cause I found out I am pretty good at discovering fashion trends before they are a thing, not the case of today’s post tho.

So, for the last six months I’ve been obssessed with tailoring pants, been searching the internet all over for ideas of how to wear, that’s all because in January 2018 I bought this amazing pair at a thrift store in Florida, which it became one of my favorite pieces. (Click here for a ootd inspo I wore with it)

And then, this year I’ve been seeing a lot of pants similar from the ones I got, but in a set, as in a suit,  and the latest fashion weeks are proof that the trend is for real. Here are some ideas…

Classy, Sofisticated, empowering, and it can also be confortable and pretty. It can be styled however we want, and I personatly think it feels so mature.

As because it’s usually on a set, makes sense the two pieces are matching colors, another reason is monochrome is a thing now, and you can find out all about it in here. And both trends together might be my favorite new fashion thing, based on amazing pictures from my favorite influencers:



What are your thoughts on it? Would you wear it? tell me all about it down bellow…



Publicado por Deborah Mingrone

Big City Lover, Fashion Student in São Paulo, Brazil, ex- Au Pair in New York. Living and sharing aall my experiences and ideas over here. Be welcome into this amazing journey called life with me! Don't forget to check instagram and Youtube for more.

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