Oiieeee! How’s Everybody? Last month was #RockInRio and I am been trying to do this post since the, and I’m dying to tell you all about it, but it’s gonna have to wait untill the next post, because, right now we’re about to finish the mini-series of Latest Fashion Trends.

And I hope you’ve been taking notes, cause this trend has everything to do with the last ones on the blog: Monochromatic + Suits  + and now the colors that are vibing this seasons: neon and pastel.



Neon is been sneaking his way in since last year, and the green neon it’s what its been out the most lately. If you’re not such a dangerous person when it comes to fashion, you might consider this a little too much. But, fortunatly, I am here to prove that neon can be very fashionble, stylish and not so dangerous after all.

The easiest and simpler way to wear it is adding it in the details of your outfit: shoes, scarfs, purses, jewelry….


Yes, neon pieces arestill gonna light up your outfit, and it will call attention, but the good part is that it’s not so hard to style, it can really go with other bright collors or neutral ones like denim or black.


It’s great for summer (which is coming soon), I’ve already seen bathing suits in this amazing neon candy colors in every store, also, dresses, belts, shoes and lingeries, perfect to be added in your daily outfit, such as for music festivals, that are probably starting around march around the world, like Coachella in Caliornia and Lollapalooza in Brazil.

Here are some other inspo ideas:

a perfect outfit idea for fall


Classy and asual looks, with a sparkle of neon, I could easily wear any of these outfits. How about you? Which one would you wear it, or at least give it a try? Let me know in the comments.

And If you don’t own any pieces, here’s a few you an buy it (not sponsored)

Boohoo | Femme Luxe Finery | Na-Kd | Tiger Mist

Renner | Cute Shopp | Marisa

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. See you soon,

bye bye


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25 years old. Brazilia, Fashion Design Student - Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Senac, Parsons School of Design. Former Au Pair. São Paulo -> New York. Come join me in this amazing journey called life. Don't forget to follow me on instagram and Youtube for more.

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