Years of Damage: How I Saved My Hair!

First thing I shoud probably tell you is that this takes patience. I am the most anxious person in the planet, and when I started this journey I was so done with my hair, it was literally screaming for help.

I was never cautios about my hair, growing up I used to take the easy road and pay for any treatment that would last at least three months so I wouldnt have to worry about taking any care with my hair, which didnt do any good to it.

In the past three years I started to bleach it, cause I want it to look lighter, but i did that by myself and again it didn’t do any good. Cut it off, didnt help much either, so I had to look for a more specific treatment, a stronger help.

That was when, three months ago, I found something called a “hair schedule”, a weekly plan on how to wash your hair, very basic, very simple, but works wonders.

It’s a reconstruction treatmet, to recover all the good in your natural hair. I’ve been doing this for the past three months and my hair has never been this soft and shining, believe me

Here’s how to do it:

  1. You’ll need to wash your hair, at least, three times a week. –  For myself I chose Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, it’s what works best around my schedule, speacially know I got oily hair roots.
  2. Twice a week, right after washing it, you’ll do a Hydration Mask. I do this Mondays and fridays so I can have a better treatment for the weekends, but you can choose whatever works best for you.
  3. For your third weekly wash, you are going to take turns between a Reconsctruction mask and a Nutrition mask, both also after washing your hair

When it comes to what products to use, I am gonna share a the ones that I use, then a few brands worthy trying  and in the end two other posts on top ten best hair masks!

The ones I’ve been using:

first – Saloon Line desmaia, hydration mask;

second – Dove nutrive solutions, full repair;

third – lolla cosmeticsBe(M)dita Ghee fruit butter for nutrition.


A few Brands worth trying:


Lush has amazing hair and skin products for everyone, and its all about social-environmental awareness, their products are handmade, ethical buying, 100% vegetarian, not tasted in animals and some of their new products are “naked” , which means no packed, wich means plastic free! It’s a perfect brand with really good products.


Products with personality! I am dying to talk about this brand for a while, it’s Brazilian, it’s Cruelty Free and Vegan, it has hair, skin and make up products for all kinds of people. The best part: besides the fact that their products actually magical, they have such a personallity, they all come with great names and great proposal: “my curls, my life” and “I know what you did in your last treatment” and “Drama Queen”.


L’Oreal is a Wrold Know Brand, and when it’s one of my favorites, it can be found in any Pharmacy or beauty store and it has products for every kind of hair and need.


Wella is a very professional brand, such as L’Oreal, their hair products are used in beauty saloons and has saved my hair a few times. It’s more expensive than the firt ones but it’s definetly worth.

A couple of posts that shared a top ten of best hair masks:

  1. The best hair masks to help reduce frizz, increase shine and repair damaged locks – Today
  2. The best hair masks – Business Insider


That was it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what hair mask works best for you down below.




Published by Deborahmingrone

25 years old. Brazilia, Fashion Design Student - Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Senac, Parsons School of Design. Former Au Pair. São Paulo -> New York. Come join me in this amazing journey called life. Don't forget to follow me on instagram and Youtube for more.

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