Plaid Pants for a Grunge Comfy Outfit

Hey there!

For Christmas I’ve got this cute pair of pants that my sister bought online, one for me and one for her,  and I loved! it was this blue and yellow plaid fabric, very cool, very grunge, very 90’s and I couldn’t wait to wear it.

But I am not gonna lie, I had a hard time thinking of ways to style it, until I came up with this outfit below, check it out!

I’ve decided to wear my new pair of pants with a cropped top of the same shade of blue, and go crazy with a yellow belt that I got for my Rock In Rio outfit last year.


I’ve style them with white sneakers, first because I can’t manage to get those out of my feet, and second because they were my only option as I didnt get a pair of Dc. Martens yet.

But can’t wait to do a lot more outfits with this plaid pants!

And how about you? How would you style it?

Hope to see you soon!


Publicado por Deborah Mingrone

Big City Lover, Fashion Student in São Paulo, Brazil, ex- Au Pair in New York. Living and sharing aall my experiences and ideas over here. Be welcome into this amazing journey called life with me! Don't forget to check instagram and Youtube for more.

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