Plaid Pants + Puffy Sleeves

Hey Guys! Its been a while, right? I hope you are all doing okay and excited for today’s post, cause I brought a flawless and timeless outfit for all your beautiful young busy women out there.



Got my combats during this crazy quarentine time and could wait for all to be over to style it, so I got dressed up just for these pictures, but I am really proud of the results and can’t wait to wear it outside 🙂

For this Outfit I’ve paired a puffy sleeves linen white shirt with a pair of plaid pants, this one has a very light and small pattern: a beige backgroung with thin black and brown lines. Both are from Cotton On. Then I added my new pair of combat boots and a black baguette bag for this 2020 trendy outfit.


A few things are important to consider when it comes to this outfit:

  • The heavy look on the boots has been totally broken by the delicate shirt;
  • The bag and the boots are a trend for 2020, but they also come from different decades of the past century, which brings a vintage and timeless look.
  • The neutral colors allow this outfit to be worn in different seasons or situations;
  • The Outfit has a very classy, european vibe.


That was all, hope you guys have enjoyed todays outfit, can’t wait to share more with you 🙂



Publicado por Deborah Mingrone

Big City Lover, Fashion Student in São Paulo, Brazil, ex- Au Pair in New York. Living and sharing aall my experiences and ideas over here. Be welcome into this amazing journey called life with me! Don't forget to check instagram and Youtube for more.

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