10 Most Amazing Things About Bridgerton:

Bridgerton, Netflix promising new show, is produced by Shonda Rhimes (same producer from Greys Anatomy) and based on Julia Quinn’s novel 🤍

The show dates 1813, two years after King George was removed from the throne because of his health condition, and tells the story of the season, where the debutantes are present to court and to society in order to secure themselves a husband and a future for them and their young sisters. If all that hasn’t convinced you yet, here are ten very good arguments that are going to spark your interesting in Brigerton:

Nº 1

A Love Match

We know that for many many years women were arrange to marry, always for titles, money, names, but never for love. But not in Bridgerton, Daphne was always inspired by the love between their parents and didn’t settle for less. She fell in love, and so did we. Can we declare best television couple yet?

Nº 2

The Duke

You’re gonna have to watch to understand it, I won’t give you any spoilers on this one haha. But by now every girl already wants a Duke 😉

Nº 3

Lady Whistledown

Brigerton has its own Gossip Girl, responsible for disclosing all the gossip of regent London, Lady Whistledown will guide the course of the story and narrates the entire show. Intriguing!

Nº 4

The Costumes

Marie Antoinette is my all time favorite movie when it comes to fashion, and never have I seen anything compare to it, till Bridgerton. Such a delicate costume for each character, the entire thing gets me dreaming about having a wardrobe like that.

Nº 5

A Black Queen

One of the first things that caught my attention. And this wasn’t a poetic license for diversity, Netflix chose to be faithful to the History: king George III’s wife was an African descendant. And let me also add that at this moment she was all by herself as her husband was mentally ill.

Nº 6

Alphabet Order

The Bridgerton children were named in alphabetical order. I though it was so cool, but spent the entire show searching for the F kid hahah

Nº 7

The Colors of the Households

The Featherington’s have a remarkable color wardrobe and household decor, in very bright shades of yellow, green and orange. We can see that throughout the show, poor Penelope can’t stand another yellow dress. But, we can also notice a choice of color for the Bridgerton’s: light shades of blue, pink and lavender. But being more specific, we have Daphne, almost always dressed in blue, even at her Final Ball her entire party is blue, even the guests are dressed in blue.

Nº 8


Daphne’s younger sister is ahead of her time, she doesn’t agree with the rules of her society, loves to read, would rather go to college than to get married, and even without understanding her sister reason to get married, she gives her all the support and it’s grateful at the end.
One of my favorite characters, I am hoping they’ll give her a good story.

Nº 9

The Scenery

beidgerton came out of one of our wildest fairytale dreams: with flowery gardens, castles, well decorated houses and gorgeous parties 🧚🤍

Nº 10


Even knowing the show happens in the nineteenth century, we have a very strong female front line: we’ve Daphne the season’s Diamond who fights for her love and for her marriage, who punches a guy in the face and make her own choices, we have a Queen leading by herself, a Writer giving her opinions and controlling the events; free independent women such as madame Lacroix and Sienna; Lady Danbury behind every decision from the Duke and very concer Mamás fighting alone to protect their daughters and their names. Definitely one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen lately. What’s your opinion about it ?!


I can’t leave this Out, cause is definitely one of the most especial things about the entire show: the soundtrack is so very present, with a classic touch.

I mean “thank you, next” from Ariana Grande, “Wildest Dreams” from Taylor Swift, with a Mix of Mozart… Mind blowing!

If you’ve watched, I really want to know your thoughts on it, and if you haven’t watched yet, please comment on this post as soon as you do.

With love,

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