So, this is a post you gonna want to remember in the future, as we go through my au pair Journey. I already told you guys my experience about being online at Cultural Care website, you can ready everything by clicking HERE. After all of that I didn’t have exceptions anymore about becoming an AuContinuar lendo “AU PAIR: MY FIRST MATCH WITH A FAMILY OF SEVEN!”

OOTD: A Dreaming Outfit

Oieee! Hello everyone, I’ve finally got some great content for you guys and I hope you enjoy it. A couple of weeks ago I found this shirt on Cotton On, which was very similar to what I’ve been seeing on Pinterest, Didn’t think twice, and got it for myself. It was on Sale for lessContinuar lendo “OOTD: A Dreaming Outfit”

Life Updates and first “The HighLights Of the Month”

Hey Guys, I know I’ve been missing, so I thought I should share with you some updates, and the little interesting facts that happened in this busy month. As March is about to end, that could become a “highlight of the month” kind of post, right? And maybe we can keep that in mind forContinuar lendo “Life Updates and first “The HighLights Of the Month””

How Did I Become An Au Pair

Oieee! Hello guys, how are you doing today? On today’s post I want to begin a serie of posts where I am gonna talk about one of the things that impact my life the most: being an AU PAIR. So if you are there sitting, looking for the program, wanting to apply, searching for storiesContinuar lendo “How Did I Become An Au Pair”

Brazilian Brands That You Need to know About: #1 HAVAIANAS

Oieee! Hello Guys, hope you are all doing fine. Not trying to offend anybody here cause I totally love them, but You know how Americans go everywhere in UGGS? That’s us Brazilians when it comes to HAVAIANAS. The flip-flop brand was born in 1962, inspired by the Japanese sandals Zori. From it, the brand gotContinuar lendo “Brazilian Brands That You Need to know About: #1 HAVAIANAS”

My Latest Fashion Obsessions

Oieeeee! Hello everyone, how are you doing on this beautiful Saturday? Over here in São Paulo is extremely hot, and Carnaval is still going on, can’t lie, I’ve been loving this energy of loud music and happy people every where. But the summer vibes won last forever, fall is just around the corner and asContinuar lendo “My Latest Fashion Obsessions”

Memories, Outfits and Pictures From My First CARNAVAL

Hello everyone, how are you feeling today? If you are new here you should probably know that this blog has currently only one writter: me! And as this is not a good enough presentation I should shared with you guys a little bit more about me. If you wondering how I look like, here areContinuar lendo “Memories, Outfits and Pictures From My First CARNAVAL”

Trend Colors For Your Wardrobe in 2019

Oieeeee! Hello everyone, are you guys excited for todays post? Cause I am. I’ve been working on this new collection of shoes for the company I work for, and talking about inspirations and trends I started where it was more obvious: by looking at Pantone Colors for 2019. And honestly, I felt in love instantly!Continuar lendo “Trend Colors For Your Wardrobe in 2019”

Get Ready With Me For Carnaval!

Oieee! Hello everyone, how’s everybody week going so far? I am extremely glad to say that over here is Carnaval, or Carnival , which means I’ve been off for five days so far and was able to catch up on YouTube videos. The one from todays post is nothing less than a Get Ready WithContinuar lendo “Get Ready With Me For Carnaval!”

Living Abroad and the Feeling of Never Belonging .

Until my seventh birthday I lived in a big city, the largest of Latin America actually. And one of my favorites things growing up was to lay down on the floor, or in the back sit of the car where I fit so perfectly back them, and look at the sky. Watch the clouds movingContinuar lendo “Living Abroad and the Feeling of Never Belonging .”