Oieee! Hello Everyone, I`m so excited for today’s post, ause I love my birthdays, I like to celebrate the entire week, even the entire month if I can.

But I have to say, this year I’ve got myself feeling sad when the though of having to celebrate my birthday crossed my mind, cause it wasnt an easy year. But I have an Amazing God, and great friends, and because of them my birthday was pretty special, and by the end of the day I was glad, just glad, for everything and decided to take that day as a mark, the first day of a new year, of a new life, I promised myself everthing would be different from that day foward. And you know what?! Everything has been great since then.

I am only telling  you this because I think is worthy, but this post is actually about fashion, clothes and pictures, and cakes and balloons cause we deserve it, right?!

Came home pretty late on my birthday but could let it pass without a remarkle picture, so Iputted on my best dress, which I never actually get to take it out of the closet, did a killer make up, turned my light ring on, and put all of my experience and pinterest refences to work… It came out like this:



Oiieeee! How’s Everybody? Last month was #RockInRio and I am been trying to do this post since the, and I’m dying to tell you all about it, but it’s gonna have to wait untill the next post, because, right now we’re about to finish the mini-series of Latest Fashion Trends.

And I hope you’ve been taking notes, cause this trend has everything to do with the last ones on the blog: Monochromatic + Suits  + and now the colors that are vibing this seasons: neon and pastel.



Neon is been sneaking his way in since last year, and the green neon it’s what its been out the most lately. If you’re not such a dangerous person when it comes to fashion, you might consider this a little too much. But, fortunatly, I am here to prove that neon can be very fashionble, stylish and not so dangerous after all.

The easiest and simpler way to wear it is adding it in the details of your outfit: shoes, scarfs, purses, jewelry….


Yes, neon pieces arestill gonna light up your outfit, and it will call attention, but the good part is that it’s not so hard to style, it can really go with other bright collors or neutral ones like denim or black.


It’s great for summer (which is coming soon), I’ve already seen bathing suits in this amazing neon candy colors in every store, also, dresses, belts, shoes and lingeries, perfect to be added in your daily outfit, such as for music festivals, that are probably starting around march around the world, like Coachella in Caliornia and Lollapalooza in Brazil.

Here are some other inspo ideas:

a perfect outfit idea for fall


Classy and asual looks, with a sparkle of neon, I could easily wear any of these outfits. How about you? Which one would you wear it, or at least give it a try? Let me know in the comments.

And If you don’t own any pieces, here’s a few you an buy it (not sponsored)

Boohoo | Femme Luxe Finery | Na-Kd | Tiger Mist

Renner | Cute Shopp | Marisa

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. See you soon,

bye bye



Oieee Hello Everyone, hope you are all doing fine and excited for today’s post.

I decide to bring it another trend alert, first because last week I mention I had two more following posts on the matter (click here to read it) and second ’cause I found out I am pretty good at discovering fashion trends before they are a thing, not the case of today’s post tho.

So, for the last six months I’ve been obssessed with tailoring pants, been searching the internet all over for ideas of how to wear, that’s all because in January 2018 I bought this amazing pair at a thrift store in Florida, which it became one of my favorite pieces. (Click here for a ootd inspo I wore with it)

And then, this year I’ve been seeing a lot of pants similar from the ones I got, but in a set, as in a suit,  and the latest fashion weeks are proof that the trend is for real. Here are some ideas…

Classy, Sofisticated, empowering, and it can also be confortable and pretty. It can be styled however we want, and I personatly think it feels so mature.

As because it’s usually on a set, makes sense the two pieces are matching colors, another reason is monochrome is a thing now, and you can find out all about it in here. And both trends together might be my favorite new fashion thing, based on amazing pictures from my favorite influencers:



What are your thoughts on it? Would you wear it? tell me all about it down bellow…



How to Monochrome, and All About What Can be the Easiste Fashion Trend for 2019!

Oieee! Hello everyone! we just change season and ohh how I love the feeling of starting something new, here where I live we’ve got flowers decoration the streets and trees full of new leaves, the days are starting to get longer and the weather has been changing. And I can’t help it, my mind is just happy and I am blooming with the spring.

For some, its the other delicious time of the year when leaves change colors, the weather gets chilli, the air smell like fireplaces and everything tast like pumpkin (gosh I miss that too!). But in one way or another, this time of the year also means new fashion trend, runaways inspirations, street styles everywhere and I couldn’t keep myself far away from the blog, so for this whole week I am gonna be talking about a few trends for the next season that are already in but are gonna blow peoples mind and closets in the next six months. Are you ready?

On todays post, we’re gonna go Monochromatic for the day! And I want strat it with a few questions: – what’s Monochrome? How to add it to your wardrobe/life? And what are some of the best inpirations?


Its basicly a collor scheme with a few different shades, to be more specific here are what it means according to google: “it’s a object or image that reflects colors in  limite shades of colors and hues” or “means one color. Typically one color is presented in different values and intensities — or different shades of the single color.”

Good and simple examples of monocrhomatic in Fashion are an all jeans outfit or maybe dressing all in black. But of course it goes beyond that, and I am gonna show you guys!

Pretty much like this

That might be the easiest fashion trick ever, specially to those who find it difficult to wear/style collors. Who never said or never heard this sentence: “I would know what to wear with this shirt”? just cause its yellow, or this one: “That would go with anything I own”?

Yes, style collors in an outfit can be difficult if you don’t understand to much about it, or even if you don’t have such a crush on them. But monochrome definetly makes it easier, here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Pick a color you would like to wear, or maybe a collor piece of clothing you already own, like that yellow skirt sitting on your closet forever.
  2. Look for plain pieces of clothe in the same color, and you dont even have to hold yourself to the same shade of yellow from your skirt, you can mix and match with a pastel yellow, a dark mustard color, and maybe some brown shoes.
  3. Really go crazy about it, and style the way you want it: do overlaps, mix dark shades with light ones, pick risk collors like orange. Fall is a great seoson for orange, isn’t it?!
  4. Have fun and discover a whole new version of yourself!



This is SO my favorite part. You guys already know I am Pinterest crazy lady (and you can check all of my boards here), is where I get to know about new trends and also where I get all of my fashion inspirations from.

So, obviously, here are some of my favorite Pins od Monochromatic Outfits:

This three manage to get the exact same color for every single piece of clothing

This three mixed different shades, colors and even patterns for their monocrhomatic


Here’s an easy idea, which I ninttend to talk about it a little more over the week, Blazers are a thing now, and they usually already come matching the same collor with the pants. So the only thing you probabl have to do is find a neutral shirt to style with.

And here there’s a few bold ones with overlaps, collors not so similar and different textures!

In one way or another, I really loved the idea and can wait to apply it to my days. Also, can’t stop keep wondering about how to apply this to what I already have, for spring.

Are you guys willing to try it? which one was your favorite? let me know down bellow!



Trend Alert: Mismatching Nails

Oieee! Hello Everyone, I hope You all are feelling as great as myself today, my classes got cancelled so I slept late, took a long steamy shower, took good care of my hair and  skin, aaaand, did my nails. And let’s be honest, who doesnt feel much better after getting their manicure done?Something about it just makes me feel a hundred times prettier and happier, in some way.

And if basic nails already bring up my mood to another level, you guys can’t even imagine how happy I am about the last Nail Trend that’s all over my pinterest: Mismatch Nails.

Yes! First time I saw it, it looked silly and very childish, but let’s be honest: my soul is probably 5 y.o. so it didn’t take long until I fell in love, completly with it.

And also, there are some options to this mismatch trend that can help it look more mature, take a look:


First time I tried those, I was very disappointed at it, cause it turned out a little weird, but after a better choice of colors, this second try, ended up cute, mature, pretty and very delicate.


Here are the nail polish I used on my nails, but as they are brazilian products, right below, there’s a selection of some very similar colors you guys also use.


The best thing about it, is that you can be totally spontaneous about it, mismatch the colors the way you most feel like it, mix your favorite colors, pic similar ones or even colors that you never though it would go togheter. In one way or another, I feel like we it’s a new way to re-invented ourselves. Take a look at some other ideas:

Another great thing about it, is that it can last over seasons, maybe by switching the bright colors into coffe/ nude tones, how about an orange dregadê  to match the pumpkin season, or red and green for christmas? I smeel great ideas coming for more posts like this, what do you guys think? Let me know in the coments…

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more ideias.




Oieee! How are you guys doing? For todays post I decided to bring one of my recent “how to style videos” from Instagram, I have so much fun doing them every time, and also watching this type of video in other accounts. I already brought one of these to the blog and you guys can tak a look by clicking over here.

For this “Epsode” I created  many options of outfit for different types of white basic shirts, that might help you create and improve your daily outfits.

Hope you guys enjoy this video, down below I am gonna leave some details about the clothes and their brands.

1st: White Tank Top from forever 21, styled with ripped black pants and also Forever 21 Necklaces,  ankle boots and leather jacket.

2nd: Turtle neck sweather with flair sleeves from my moms closet *VINTAGE*, styled with mom jeans with a two bucleks belt and black old school Vans.

3rd: White Long Blouse from Renner (Brazilian store), styled with Adidas blue Shorts, and adidas sneakers

4th: Forever 21 Gypsy cropped top, styled with Levi’s high waisted skinny Jeans and Over The Knee Caramel suede boots.

5th: White Basic Tee,  tucked inside social khaki black pants that also belonged to my mom, Forever 21 heels with stripes and Adidas Jacket, that can be switched to a oversized denim jacket anytime.

6th: Adidas Basic tee, Plaid College Skirt, Over The Knee Aldo Boots and Calvin Klein tweed Jacket

That was it for today, hope you guys enjoyed this. I honestly can’t wait to hear your thoghts on this video, and if you have a favorite outfit from all of them I would love to know ❤

Hope to see you soon,



Oieee! Hello evEryone. How are you guys doing?  Today,  I wanted to bring a recent outfit that I wore for a saturday sunny -not so- winter day, cause it’s currently 70 degrees out here, even knowing it supposed to be cold right now.

Anyways, The main piece of  this outfit, it’s my new pair of plaid pants from Cotton On, honestly one of my favorite stores when it comes to find trend cool pieces.

Those are very beautiful comfy pants in neutral colors, such as beige, gray and black with a very discreet plaid pattern and a frontal ziper. It also has this openning on the bottom of each leg,and has a very mature look.

desenho 023fotos 006

I decided to add a black simple off shoulder top I own to create this outfit. I got this top a couple of years ago on a Zara Sale, it’s a very casual- chic and confortable top (which I usually don’t wear a bra with it) and I think it goes perfectly good with the outfit, the only thing I keep thinking it’s that would probably look nicer in a smaller size so it  looks a little less lose on the waist, but it’s okay.

I acessorized it with a black chocker, thats hasnt been out a lot lately (at least not in a black lace) but it does look cool with the top. A pair of white Adidas, that could be totally replaced with black sneaker or maybe an ankle boots.  Or, another amazing, and one of my favorite ideas, a pair of combat boots, only if I had one… haha

fotos 007

Because its a basic comfy-chic look, I styled with my Black with a pink inside Kate Spade Purse, and my Yankees hat, which it’s totally the key for this outfit.

fotos 001

Really in love with this ootd, and every single piece in particular. I keep dreaming about all the combinations I could do with these pants, and I am wondering what is your suggestion, what would YOU wear with it? Let me know in the comments

Also, don’t forget to follow me on social media for more outfit inspos. Got tons of looks on my Instagram feed and highlights, and even more inspirations on my pinterest account. Can’t wait to see you soon ❤

fotos 002




Oieee! Hello Everyone, how are you guys doing? Today I want to write about one of the things I love to do the most on my phone: edit pictures. And because this is one of my favorite hobbies, I got to discover a few new apps in that last six months, that are now part of my days and can be a life changer for you too.

First of all, they are apps, for your phone, so there’s a limit of how good they can actually be.

But don’t worry, I promise I am gonna say nice things about them, eventually hahah. My point is, they are not professional plataforms like Photoshop or Lightroom, but they are amazing for daily edition or last minute posts, and they can be really fun.

So here we go:

  1. The Tezza App

No, couldnt start with anything else! I downloaded the Tezza App a few months ago, the app can be downloaded for free, but unless you pay for the good stuff on it, it gets very limited, hmm but honestly, it’s worth every cent. The Tezza App has great filter with great colors, all very warm, it has a few dust filter options as well, and if all of this isn’t enough, the Tezza App also has Templates and filters for videos, so it’s been a life saver for Instagram, which seems to never be able to create good filters for stories (#sorry Instagram, I love you, but Snapchat was always better at it).

all editted with “mood” preset, which is my favorite.

2. Meitu App

Definetly my latest obssesion! Meitu App is different from all other apps, it gives you the chance to play and get creative with your pictures: you can add glitter, emojis, flowers and butterflies with the magic brush. You can also change the backgroun for a beatiful Mosaic, can animate your pictures by adding movement to them. And now, with the latest update, you can also Auto Make up your pictures.

edited with magic brush tool

Auto make up correction, take a carefull look at my face.

On this video I add the rainbows with the magic brush and then animated the picture, all  using Meitu App.

3. Color Story

Last but not least, I got one of my oldest favorite apps. Color Story has very delicate presets, that helped me harmonize my feed for such a long time, with color but very light filters. One of my favorite tools are thee Effects, which brings this great light that you can only get when lens meet the sun..


My entire 2017 Summer Feed, all edited by Color Story

So, tell me, which one is your favorite app, please comment so I can look for them 🙂

Hope to see you soon,


Let me tell you about Bright Swimwear…

Oieeeee! Hello Everyone, how was the weekend? i hope was full of happiness.

On todays post I want to do a little review on Bright Swimwear.

Around May, this brand got in touch with me through instagram for a partnership, and I instantly loved what they said, so I immedeately got into their website to check their products, and my first tough is that the products looked very neat, very basic but with bright trendy colors, but as I have tons of bikini’s already, I honestly only payed attention to the one piece bathing suits, because I was looking for a good one for a couple of years now, and they had this one model in a few plain colors, and also a few in colorful stripes, and I instantly put it in the bag.

Now they also have amazing colorful patterns in both one and two pieces…

I placed my order a litlle nervous because I had just got this dress from a New Zeland Brand and it took way to long to get to my house and when it came it looked terrible. But gladly Bright swimwear gave me the best experience ever, I am very happy that I had the chance to work with them, my bathing suit came in a exactly week, it’s gorgeous, very good quality, very bright colors, just amazing


* This is the little preview I did on instagram stories, please follow me, I am always sharing everything first hand over there. *

Loved it so much, that even knowing is winter right now in Brazil I went to the beach because I couldn’t wait to wear it. And this is a little bit of how it looks:


I ordered the Small size, because I am a small person, (5’2) and I’ve been wearing small sizes since forever, I still fit in some of my clothes from when I was 13. But I do have a large hip and butt, so the bottom part got me a little uncomfortable cause the whole thing kept coming up a little bit, so maybe I should have order a medium size, but I am not so sure about it. And another great thing about this one piece is that usually brands that are not brazilian have such huge bottoms for bathing suits, and this one is neither too big or too small, I think it’s a very decent size, so I was pretty happy with that too.

In general everything is really great, and pretty, made me feel very happy about me and my body, so I strongly recomend it. I also HAVE A DISCOUNT FOR YOU GUYS, you just need to add my code MINGRONE15 right at the moment you are placing your order.

All the pictures were taken in Ilha Bela, S’ao Paulo – Brazil

Another great thing about Bright Swimwear is that 10% of the money paid is donated to help saving the oceans.

I am all about brands that somehow help the enviroment and/or help people, brands with pourposes, brands that actually care, so I think this one deserver some atention, by clicking here you are gonna be redirectly to their website, take a look, use the code, and let me know what are your thoughts on that.


Hope you all enjoyed this post, don’t forget to let me know what did you think, and great week everyne!






5 Ways to Style a Button Dress

Since the beginning, I wanted to make this blog about two things: Fashion and the Au Pair Program. That second part came eventually, as I actually became an Au Pair, so that’s what you guys are gonna see most over here.

Right now I am working on a new youtube channel in English so I can share more of these content with you, while that I am gonna keep posting what I can about fashion here in the blog.

This week I am gonna release some outfits from the pas months, hope you enjoy it!

I’ve been seeing these videos around for a while, and is shocking how I actually with them. It was so addictive that I decided to do one myself, and guess what, I loved more than I thought I would, it was truly fun to recorded it, and I hope you guys have fun watching too.

I got this dress from Cotton On here in Brazil, thought it was so 70’s, and so differen, and turned out to be very useful, I will name all the brands right below 🙂

  • First look: Victoria Secrets brallete, Riachuelo sandals, hair clip and jewelry from thrift stores and faires
  • Second look: Forever 21 Body, Forever 21 Black sandals, Necklace: Riachuelo
  • Third Look: same body, forever 21 boots, BCBG hat
  • Fourth LookLevi’s Jeans, Forever 21 Necklace, Vans
  • With Look: Zaful Lace body, Levi’s Jeans, Aldo Shoes.

You guys can check my Instagram account for more pictures of this look and others.

Hope you enjoy it, bye bye ❤