So, this is a post you gonna want to remember in the future, as we go through my au pair Journey.

I already told you guys my experience about being online at Cultural Care website, you can ready everything by clicking HERE.

After all of that I didn’t have exceptions anymore about becoming an Au Pair, it was about to complete a year that I was online, and in a couple of weeks my profile would’ve been closed and I would have to start all the process again. When I met my host family!

I simply logged into my account to check something, and the minute I got out, an e-mail came saying that there was a new host family on my profile. Here’s a tip I took a long time to realize: every time you log in your Cultural Care account, you make yourself appear on the top of a list of Au Pairs that families can check it out, and that was what happened that day.

Once I saw the *new host family in your profile* e-mail, I already have gotten another email from the same family arranging a Skype. So before answering them, I needed to find out who that family was, right?!

They lived very close to Manhattan, that got me very excited right away, in a super cute neighborhood and they had four adorable toddlers, the minute I saw their picture I felt in love. But I was indeed a little worried, because there was four kids under five years old, plus the host mom was pregnant.

The time I was in United States I noticed that Americans like to have big families, and I really think that it’s great, specially because with a good number of active kids, living with someone else would never be awkward or boring, right?

So I wasn’t scared at all about this, I was pretty confident about it, I knew I could make it.

Can’t say the same about my mom who was freaking out and didn’t trust me at all for the job.

So, I agree with the Skype, it would be nice to get to know a little bit more about them, and “if it doesn’t work, at least I get to practice my English” was what I though.

Our first Skype was great, the host parents were so young and cool, they were extremely interest in me, I got to see and talk to the kids, it was a very nice conversation, so we scheduled another Skype, and another, and we Skyped every week till I went to New York.

After our third Skype they asked for the match and I was shaking on happiness, after almost giving up on everything, talking with so many host family, had a roller coaster of feelings through all the past year, I was relief, and excited, and glad a found such a good host family.

If you read the last post you know I didn’t have many expectations of what I wanted about a host family, I just wished for good people to share this moment, people who I would be comfortable with, because I knew that this experience would change the way I see my life entirely.

On further posts I want to share a little bit more of how I got to the United States, how was living with the host family, and much more, so keep yourself close to this little blog for more of the craziest adventure in my life…

OOTD: A Dreaming Outfit

Oieee! Hello everyone, I’ve finally got some great content for you guys and I hope you enjoy it.

A couple of weeks ago I found this shirt on Cotton On, which was very similar to what I’ve been seeing on Pinterest, Didn’t think twice, and got it for myself. It was on Sale for less than $10 bucks and they had it on my new favorite color hahah, and two others in black or white.

I was so excited with that, so I decided that my new shirt deserved a great look and a even greater photoshoot, and that’s why we are here today my friends!

Before I drop all the pictures on you guys, I want to talk a little bit more about my outfit:

  • I got this very pretty Necklace, that I was honestly searching all over, at Forever 21
  • My amazing pants are from Subdued (got it in Amsterdam, but they have a website)
  • I obviously matched my outfit with white Adidas Sneakers

Okay, are you ready? Please tell me your thoughts of this post on the comments down below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for more.

DSC04099IMG_8933 2







Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did! Hope to see you soon, bye bye!

Life Updates and first “The HighLights Of the Month”

Hey Guys, I know I’ve been missing, so I thought I should share with you some updates, and the little interesting facts that happened in this busy month.

As March is about to end, that could become a “highlight of the month” kind of post, right? And maybe we can keep that in mind for the ones that are going to come…

So march was very hectic, on the first day of the month I took it off my Implanon, which was a birthcontrol method that I chose to placed inside my arm two years ago, but drove me crazy in the last year. So, with that (or in this case, without it), I was able to control a lot more my feelings (they were a disaster before) and also am managing to come back to my normal weight.

I am very excited to see how everything is changing now that I am free of it. I did and a video for my YouTube chanel explaning everything about it, I already have four other videos following the entire process since I decided to put it on, but as they are all in portuguese I’ve been questioning myself if I should do another one in English, or if I should just add subtitles in the ones hat are already up there. Let me know if you have any opnion on that.

After that, Carnaval came (click here to see all the pictures in another post), I had a whole week off, went to some parties, and did my first Make Up Tutorial, that turned out realy fine (click here to watch and don’t forget to subscribe).

In this picture you can see the bandage in my healing arm

Another high point of this month that you guys probably don’t know about it is that I got a full size mirror for my bedroom and now my new obssession is to share my everyday look on Instagram Stories, I also share some bible verses and talk about my eating change into a more plant based food diet. So if you don’t follow me yet my instagram is @missmingrone.


Went to the beach last week : YAAAY! I was going to have my first Surf Class last Saturday but my ”teacher” had a problem with it and we had to reschedule, but no worries cause I was at the ebach, and it was a lovely hot day even knowing that was the first weekend of fall. And I vlogged everything for you guys, and can wait to share it over heree!


For my last update I honetly hope you guys consider listening t this one, cause I finally got my shy young sister to record her beautiful voice, and she blessed us all with this beautiful cover:


Hope you guys enjoy this little update, I come back really soon with new posts! Se you soon, bye bye!

How Did I Become An Au Pair

Oieee! Hello guys, how are you doing today? On today’s post I want to begin a serie of posts where I am gonna talk about one of the things that impact my life the most: being an AU PAIR.

So if you are there sitting, looking for the program, wanting to apply, searching for stories and lived experiences, I suggest you to sit down and enjoy this ride. And if you never heard of it before, read this first post, you might be interested by the end of it.

Last in, in May, I came back from US after spending almost two years as an Au Pair, but my journey started way before that: In December 2014 I graduate from high school, was already accepted in the University I wanted, but felt a strong desire to do something bigger, something that was going to help me find myself and leave a mark on me forever.

Okay, I can be very dramatic when I want to, but that was the feeling inside of me five years ago. At the same moment I sat on the cold floor with my computer, and started digging for exchanges, when I remembered my friend mentioned that she wanted to be an Au Pair in Paris.

I was sure I didn’t want to live in Paris, but I really like the idea of it when I got to EF website: “explore the world” , “work and travel”, “have the time of your life”… Sounded like a dream, so I got in touch with them and found out I need some things:

  • Have a medium to high level of English;
  • Being over 18;
  • Know how to drive;
  • Have at least 200 hours of proven experience with children.

Pretty easy , I already had two of those requirements, but I still needed my drivers license (in Brasil we are only aloud to get them after 18), and the 200 hours. Because of my full time high school I never had the chance to do any of those things while studying, but I just graduated, I had all the time in the world now.

It sounded like a good plan, so I made it work. I went to the agency, took their tests, got my drivers license and work at the nursery of the same school I had just got out of for my hours, by April I had it all set.

After that (I think that changed by now) I had to fill it out a profile, with questions about myself, spaces for pictures and also a video presentation about me and my life, plus there was this little online course about children and their behavior that I had to do.

Done it all in a couple of weeks, was ready to go online and talk to families. I was super excited about it all, but from there till I had a match everything was, or at least look like, a disaster.

Cultural Care took a month to let my profile online and visible for families, after that it took another month for me to have the first Host Family on my profile, By December I had only three families:

  1. A jewish family with three very sweet young girls, we did one Skype, they hold my profile while they were in vacation and never spoke again with me.
  2. A very nice Mom with two toodlers ( a boy and a girl), she loved me, and had all these plans for us to do together, as she was a stay home mom. We had many skips, I spoke with the grandma, she was getting a car for me, but not even once I spoke to the father. Suddenly she was gone, for like two weeks and no reason, when I emailed her, she said her husband didn’t want an Au Pair :/
  3. A family with four young kids, parents were very sweet, they even spoke to my parents, but decided on going for the match with another girl.

Weirdly all these three families were from the same state.

By then it was almost Christmas time, the flew of families are very low by this time of the year, and I was extremely frustrated: I went after everything so fast, did my best the whole time and nothing happened, most girls talk to the same amount of families on their first month, it usually doesn’t take more than three months for a match.

I was devastated and my parents wanted me to start college, so by January I switched my date from ‘right away’ to ‘July’ so I could complete at least a semester. Once I did that, that very first week I had one family every day in my profile (forgot to say something important: back then we could only have one family at the time on our profile, and had to wait at least 24 hours to decline their profile.

These were the families:

  1. A Korean Couple with twin newborns, they lived in a big city and I even spoke to the currently Au Pair on Skype. They were very nice, but I got afraid of two newborns and only me.
  2.  A family with three boys that lived in a very quiet place, would say it was a farm, but it was definite a city with not a lot going on. And because of that they though my electric personality wouldn’t be happy in a small/quiet town. Fun fact: a year later they wrote me again whiling to know when would my first year would be over cause they wanted me to moving with them, but back them I was in rematch and had no clue of my future.
  3. This family I got really interested: they had two doodlers and a baby and lived in a gorgeous house, after a couple of skips their au pair decided to extend her years with them, so they didn’t need me anymore.
  4. In between all of those there was this one and only family for California that never even wrote me an email.
  5. A single mom with two kids from Nevada, they looked rich, maybe because she made sure that was implied in the profile, also there were more pictures of her and her friends than the kids. I was really interest in talking to them, but after a few days I realized my emails were sent and by then I didn’t have her contact anymore.

On the list of weird cases I have one more to share with you before I had my match:

After that specific week I had no more families on my profile, I started college and had forgotten about everything. By then I was even expecting anything to happen anymore, when I got an email that one family was on my profile, right after, another email asking for a Skype. I agreed, and had the most weird Skype of all: A guy showed up in the screen, his was Skyping from his basement and I could hear the kids playing but they were not on the picture, until after about ten minutes when they came running and playing into the room. The host dad got mad, took them out of the room and told me he didn’t want me to meet anybody until he decided I was a good match. After we were done with the Skype he emailed me for another Skype, I said I wasn’t interesting in the match, and got a few more emails that week begging me for the match, asking me what I wanted for it. It could mean nothing, but I though it was very weird and right after that I had really let go of the idea of actually being an Au Pair.

…. Until a month later when I found a family I liked and closed the match, but for that Storie you are going to need to wait for the next post.

Hope to see you soon, bye bye!

My Latest Fashion Obsessions

Oieeeee! Hello everyone, how are you doing on this beautiful Saturday? Over here in São Paulo is extremely hot, and Carnaval is still going on, can’t lie, I’ve been loving this energy of loud music and happy people every where.

But the summer vibes won last forever, fall is just around the corner and as the seasons change, so do we, right?! The change of weather bring us the desire of doing everything new: new house decor, new routines, new habits, and also new clothes.

I already notice a huge change in my style trying to show up, I’ve been going towards a more mature look but still very ‘Girly’. And in this very post you guys are gonna take a pic of what’s been my latest favorite obsession when it comes to fashion!


Flax dresses, flax skirts, flax matching short and tops, flax everything. I am really crazy about it right now. Unfortunately, according to my Fabric and Textile Class in College, flax is only produced in the north Europe which means that 1. it cannot be produced over here, 2. it’s very  inaccessible and expensive. 

But I didn’t give up on it just yet and I believe some stores, like Zara for example, has some options on that.

The thing with flax is the fabric is super light and fresh, gives the clothes,  I also think it provides a good trim, it’s very comfortable and usually comes in very natural colors. I just can’t explain exactly but I wish I could switch all of my wardrobe for flax clothes, don’t you?

Earth Tones

A few posts ago I spoke to you guys abut pantone colors for 2019 and how to style them, I also mentioned how fascinated I’ve been about about these new tones. If you have no clue what does that mean you can either check the post over here, or simply take a look on the pictures above, all of those are earth tones, but you could also include some shades of yellow, green, blue and what could be a guava pink kind of thing.

Just like this:

As I think this could be included over here I am not gonna make another topic, but the monochromatic look is totally one of the things I am really up to lately.


  • Marble/ acrylic/ pearl hair accessories to be more specific, I already did a post about it, that you guys can check over here. But I need to point this again because I can’t get it out of my mind
  • BIG GOLDEN bracelets and necklaces with charms hanged on it
  • Scarfs for hair, I don’t mean like the bandanas type I used to be crazy about, but those ones our aunts and grandmas used to have.

I have a few more things on the list but I am gonna save for a whilst post, cause I wanna suggest you guys some brands and people to follow.

Hope you enjoy this post, see you soon.

Bye bye!

Memories, Outfits and Pictures From My First CARNAVAL

Hello everyone, how are you feeling today? If you are new here you should probably know that this blog has currently only one writter: me!

And as this is not a good enough presentation I should shared with you guys a little bit more about me. If you wondering how I look like, here are some samples: during the day I am a Unicorn, but at night I prefer to be a kitten

No, nothing like that I am both of these girls in the pictures above and yes I am dress up as a kitten and a unicorn , but for very good reasons: this week was Carnaval in Brasil, and if you don’t know how It looks like, don’t worry, I didn’t know either! This was my first real one and that’s why I need to share some details with you.

Around this time of the year (usually in February, but for some reasons that I have no clue, it was celebrated in March this year) we have a special holiday that happens for about four days straight. Now, just to create a picture in your mind, think of summer (a very, very hot day of summer), no school or work, streets are closed and full of people following this giant truck, that carries a group of people who will sing and dance and entertained everybody that follows them.

This last the whole day, for four days, and it extends to the weekends before and after too.

It is insane, people drink the whole day, dance, make friends, all dress up as whatever they feel comfortable in, almost like a mix of a festival and halloween!

So as my first carnaval, I was going to wear the ears I got for trick or treating in 2016 with whatever I had in my closet, but once I got inside the first store that very same day to get my friends something to wear, I couldn’t resist to the rainbow skirt, neither to the matching Unicorn tiara right next to it. So I bought it for a total of almost seven dollars, did some make up and went to these crazy streets in search of a very happy day.

Before I get to the point that I actually show you guys what I wanted in this post (which was the great pictures I took of my look) I feel like I have to share with you guys a little bit more of the rest of that day:


This is me and one of my girlfriend’s friend who was never able to call me Miss Mingrone, and named me Mississsipi!


Then we found a group of Dora The Explorar’s, and of course we needed a picture with them …


And this my friends, is what carnaval is all about hahah.

After that I intended to celebrate all the other days, including that same night where we went to a club to dance till my knees fall off.

But of course, I still needed to wear my kitten outfit, it was when I decided to do a tutorial (click here to check this post) and get a photo book about it, check it out:

IMG_8010DSC03581 2DSC03626DSC03558DSC03608DSC03587DSC03557 4DSC03549DSC03586 2DSC03533DSC03540DSC03565

That was it for today! I am already missing Carnaval, and hope to be able to celebrate a lot more holidays like this around the Globe, but for now that was it. Hope to see you soon, bye bye!

Trend Colors For Your Wardrobe in 2019

Oieeeee! Hello everyone, are you guys excited for todays post? Cause I am.

I’ve been working on this new collection of shoes for the company I work for, and talking about inspirations and trends I started where it was more obvious: by looking at Pantone Colors for 2019. And honestly, I felt in love instantly!

I want to show you guys some of the colors already applied in great looks I’ve been seeing online and in stores. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

  1. Earth Tones
  • Pantone Toffee
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_18-1031-toffee_600px
  • Terrarrium Moss
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_18-0416-terrarium-moss_600px
  • Soy Bean
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_13-0919-soybean_600px
  • Sweet Corn
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_11-0106-sweet-corn_600px-2
  • Brown Granitte
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_19-0805-brown-granite_600px-1

So the thing here is simple than it looks like: You don’t need to wear the exact same colors as it’s suggested, you can use any earth tone you like it or find it, and if the monochromatic thing does not please you, don’t worry cause I got more colors you can add to your wardrobe 😉

But before I get to that, here are some ideas of how to use the these colors:

Can’t lie, this has been my favorite colors when it comes to clothes. I really feel like going to a more mature and clean kind of look, inspired by earth tones closer to the brownish.

Here is my (latest) favorite look:


This look actually can lead us to the next few colors, because besides the fact that it’s brownish, it has a very bright color kind of mixed it up with an orange tone, and guess what? There’s a lot of that too in 2019. Check it out:

  • Turmeric:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_15-1264-turmeric_600px-1
  • Fiesta:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_17-1564_fiesta_600px
  • Living Coral:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_16-1546-living-coral_600px

2. Coral

CORAL!!! THAT’S THE COLOR OF THE YEAR. And don’t be foolish, it’s not pink, so if you’re not really into pink there’s is no problem at all in wearing everyday hahah

Here are some outfit ideas for the colors above:

And again, you can either wear a monochromatic look with this color, you can wear it very basic with black and white, but on top of everything is a great combination for green and toffee, and even leopard print (don’t tell anyone, but the leopard is back sshhiii…).

In my opinion it’s a very bright color that does call for attention, and might not last over seasons, but let’s face it! It’s an awesome match for warm sunny days right?! And I heard spring is around the corner for most of you guys!

3. Pink

But If you kind of like the idea of the color but is not really sure it’s for you, I got some other options on the pocket to present:

  • Jester Red:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_19-1862-jester-red_600px-1
  • Pink Peacock:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_18-2045-pink-peacock_600px
  • Sweet Lilac:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_14-2808-sweet-lilac_600px

Still kind of shock (and very Barbie), but a little bit more discreet as this tones are way less bright.

I am guilt to talk about this cause pink was my favorite color since I learned how to speak. And, probably, because of that I am kind of sick of it and won’t be wearing too much, but you can indeed plan gorgeous looks with this option.

One of my outfits for last spring, very much on the same idea:


* check the video with this and four more looks by clicking here*

And to finish this post I saved the eccentric different colors for last:

  • Aspen Gold:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_13-0850-aspen-gold_600px
  • Princess Blue:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_19-4150-princess-blue_600px
  • Mango Mijoto:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_15-0960-mango-mojito_600px
  • Eclipse:
  • pantone-springsummer-2019_19-3810-eclipse_600px

4. Golden and blue

Honestly, I’ve been seeing yellow all over windows stores, but the blue tones not so much. But still there are many ways you can add this to your closet:

How pretty are all of these colors and looks, I honestly can’t wait to fill up my closet with all of these. And the most interesting part is that it’s very easy to apply them in different ways, like in candy color, or maybe in neon, which have been making everybody’s mind lately:

Which of these do you like the most?

My favorite are the earth tones and can’t even fake it. If you guys follow me on instagram you saw this on the stories this week:


And if you don’t, I suggest you to follow me right now : @missmingrone.

Hope to see you all soon, bye bye.





Get Ready With Me For Carnaval!

Oieee! Hello everyone, how’s everybody week going so far? I am extremely glad to say that over here is Carnaval, or Carnival , which means I’ve been off for five days so far and was able to catch up on YouTube videos.

The one from todays post is nothing less than a Get Ready With Me for Carnaval. Its very a very special video, cause it’s also the first time I was able to celebrate the Holiday as it is: which means parting a lot with my friends.

All over the country there are street parties and parades for the last two weeks, and people get together with their friends to drink and dance on the street… All dressed up, almost like halloween, but in a 90F weather and a loot of glitter.

Ready for the result?

Here are all the products I used for this video:

  • Primer: Maybelline Baby Skin
  •  Foundation: Elf, nude color
  • Powder: Revlon Color Stay, fair color
  • Eye Shadows:  1. Liv Beauty, Prismatic Nudes; 2.ColourPop come and get it; 3. BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes To Go.
  • Eyeliner: for browns: Steve Laurent precision tip liner in black; For eyeliner and face details: Eyes London Skinny.
  • Mascara: Tarte light, camera, lashes
  •  Blush: Seraphine: Lychee+ Gold
  • Lips: Kylie Jenner Posie K kit
  •  Glitter: 1.face: Vult glitter; 2. Body: Nossa Nova.
  • Highlighter: Marble Pro Glow
  • Kitty Ears are from Party City

Hope you guys enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed doing it. Don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe if you did. Hope to see you soon 😉

Also, all the pictures are gonna be eventually on the blog, but why wait if you can check them all on my instagram: @missmingrone.


Living Abroad and the Feeling of Never Belonging .

Until my seventh birthday I lived in a big city, the largest of Latin America actually. And one of my favorites things growing up was to lay down on the floor, or in the back sit of the car where I fit so perfectly back them, and look at the sky.

Watch the clouds moving around and changing its forms has always amazed me, but when you live in such a big city, you get buildings in the way of your sight every time, and as the clouds moved I thought they were slowing falling down.

I was so tiny, and they were so huge, people were huge, the ocean was infinity….

Looking at life like that it’s what made me realized how tiny I am, and how much of the world it’s out there to be explored.

I grew up impatient, nothing seemed to be enough but to travel, so when I turned 19th I decided I was going away, it took me a year to get to that dream, but I did, I moved to New York, I met people from all over the world, I got to visit four other countries, some American states and many many cities around the Globe.

I laughed, I loved, I hated, I experienced so much more than I could ever imagine, I missed home a lot too, and then went away, and I took some classes, did some more road trips, move to another city, lived by the ocean, and lived by the mountains. I was as much fulfill as I was empty, I was missing something, I was missing the heat, and the smell of my moms clothes, college, old friends and new friends, I missed the food and the freedom, missed speaking my own language…

After almost two years my time was over, and everything was packed, flight tickets were in hands, a was full of anxiety, happiness, doubt, fear all at once, but when I had to say goodbye it was when life got me back, as if I was getting breath after a long time, couldn’t handle the look in the eyes of my host family, almost died to hear my host kid crying because of me. I knew it was time to put all behind, but at the moment I wasn’t sure I couldn’t.

Almost a year after and I miss my host family as much as I missed my family back then, call them as often too. Half of me seems to be back there still, and my other half doesn’t seem open to let it go, almost like if wanted me to go find it.

When I first moved I was afraid of not being able to fit in my new life, little did I know how easy was that compared trying to fit in my old life. Cause the thing is: back then I had a white board to pain my story in it, back here I already have a painted of myself in everybody’s mind, including mine. All this time away, life shaped me in a different form, that is farm from fitting the old one, and life continues to shape me as I grow, so that means I no longer fit my version from a year ago, and with that thought I get the exhausted feelings of never belonging, at the same pace as the I am made of the moments I lived and the places I’ve been.

It’s a constant desire of being at both places, of having everything at once, or to keep switching both lives. But deep down I know that what calms my heart it’s the adventure, the butterflies in the stomach, the inconsistency, the new. My belonging is to not belong to a specific places, but to the memories to hold on to my had, to the scars and the sound of my laugh and the knowing that I always have somewhere new to find myself

The bigger I get, the bigger the world seems to be. And I pray God to able to get to know as much as I can of the earth He created.

Hair Acessories Are Back! And I’m Gonna Show You the Pretty Ones

Oieeeee! Hello every, how is your Monday going so far? Mine is being pretty awesome. And during some researching at work today, I got myself staring at some amazing hair acessories and tought it would be great to share them with you.

I am gonna start with basic, whch is: bobby pins are back! In so many gorgeous ways… Take a look:


I was on instagram the other day, if you don’t know me yet: instagram is my little terrible obssession, and I saw this amazing account from a store in Australia with the most amazing marble looking acessories: like purses, and clutches and hair clips. And they come in so many beautiful colors, patterns and shapes: like this seashell one, how freaking cute is that?

Third: head bands!

I love heabands since Blair waldorf became our queen. You can imagine how sad I was when it stopped being a thin. But Thank God they are back and prettier than ever…

I loooved all of them, but I’ve been obssessed with the thick velvet ones that are all over my instagram.

And last but not least:

When I thought scarfs and bandanas couldn’t get any preetier, life comes to show me I am wrong again. Very recently I start seeing those a lot around internet, and honestly can’t wait to get one.

Even knowing I am pretty lazy when it comes to do my hair, I loove hair acessories, I think they make even the most simple hairstyle, a lot prettier.

What do you think? which one is your favorite?