Oieee Hello Everyone, hope you are all doing fine and excited for today’s post. I decide to bring it another trend alert, first because last week I mention I had two more following posts on the matter (click here to read it) and second ’cause I found out I am pretty good at discovering fashionContinue reading “SUIT UP!”

How to Monochrome, and All About What Can be the Easiste Fashion Trend for 2019!

Oieee! Hello everyone! we just change season and ohh how I love the feeling of starting something new, here where I live we’ve got flowers decoration the streets and trees full of new leaves, the days are starting to get longer and the weather has been changing. And I can’t help it, my mind isContinue reading “How to Monochrome, and All About What Can be the Easiste Fashion Trend for 2019!”

My Latest Fashion Obsessions

Oieeeee! Hello everyone, how are you doing on this beautiful Saturday? Over here in São Paulo is extremely hot, and Carnaval is still going on, can’t lie, I’ve been loving this energy of loud music and happy people every where. But the summer vibes won last forever, fall is just around the corner and asContinue reading “My Latest Fashion Obsessions”

Trend Colors For Your Wardrobe in 2019

Oieeeee! Hello everyone, are you guys excited for todays post? Cause I am. I’ve been working on this new collection of shoes for the company I work for, and talking about inspirations and trends I started where it was more obvious: by looking at Pantone Colors for 2019. And honestly, I felt in love instantly!Continue reading “Trend Colors For Your Wardrobe in 2019”

Hair Acessories Are Back! And I’m Gonna Show You the Pretty Ones

Oieeeee! Hello every, how is your Monday going so far? Mine is being pretty awesome. And during some researching at work today, I got myself staring at some amazing hair acessories and tought it would be great to share them with you. I am gonna start with basic, whch is: bobby pins are back! InContinue reading “Hair Acessories Are Back! And I’m Gonna Show You the Pretty Ones”


Oieee! Essa semana eu compartilhei algumas metas sendo realizadas durante o dia lá no meu instagram (se você ainda não me segue clica aqui e veja o insta mais fofo da sua vida), e muita gente veio me pedir dicas de metas para criar pra esse ano que acabou de começar. Admito que fiquei pensativaContinue reading “10 METAS PARA VOCÊ TENTAR EM 2019”


Como é bom saber que temos a oportunidade de começar de novo né?! Um ano inteirinho, 365 novos recomeços. Parece clichê né? Na maioria das vezes a gente esquece, mas a cada manhã temos a chance de recomeçar. De escolher como seremos e o que faremos. Eu decidi que mudaria de vida em 2019, oContinue reading “VÍDEOS DE ANO NOVO: METAS PARA 2019”