Years of Damage: How I Saved My Hair!

First thing I shoud probably tell you is that this takes patience. I am the most anxious person in the planet, and when I started this journey I was so done with my hair, it was literally screaming for help. I was never cautios about my hair, growing up I used to take the easyContinuar lendo “Years of Damage: How I Saved My Hair!”


Oiieeee! How’s Everybody? Last month was #RockInRio and I am been trying to do this post since the, and I’m dying to tell you all about it, but it’s gonna have to wait untill the next post, because, right now we’re about to finish the mini-series of Latest Fashion Trends. And I hope you’ve beenContinuar lendo “ADD NEON TO YOUR CLOSET, WITH NO REGRET.”

3 Trend Decors for Your Room in 2019

We know that 2019 is only at the beggining an a lot can change untill the end of it, but I like to be dramatic okay?! I am the type of person that does not know how to sit still, I like to keep finding things to do around the house, and I love toContinuar lendo “3 Trend Decors for Your Room in 2019”

Trend Colors For Your Wardrobe in 2019

Oieeeee! Hello everyone, are you guys excited for todays post? Cause I am. I’ve been working on this new collection of shoes for the company I work for, and talking about inspirations and trends I started where it was more obvious: by looking at Pantone Colors for 2019. And honestly, I felt in love instantly!Continuar lendo “Trend Colors For Your Wardrobe in 2019”

Sunday Vlog: Hillsong Church São Paulo + Scooter Ride

Oieee!! Hello everyone, how are you all feeling today? I decided to share with you some of my Sunday activities. I am obssessive with vlogs, I love creating them and watching, and hope you guys like to watch this one as much as I loved doing it. On Sundays I normally go to Church, I’veContinuar lendo “Sunday Vlog: Hillsong Church São Paulo + Scooter Ride”


Hello Everyone My Name is Deborah and I’m the oficially writer of this Blog. The “MissMingrone” happend four years ago, right after I graduated from high school and was as lost as everybody else. And the way I felt back then is exactly how I feel now, like I’m  in need of something new, aContinuar lendo “GET TO KNOW ME – AGAIN”


Oieee! Bem vindos a 2019, eu adoro essa época do ano, cheirinho de vida nova, sonhos e planos para todos os meses que ainda etsão por vir: tantos lugares pra conhecer, comidas nova pra provar, amigos que a gente ainda nem conheceu, um novo ano escolar está batendo as portas…. Não é incrivel? Mas comoContinuar lendo “COMO FAZER UM BULLET JOURNAL!”