3 Trend Decors for Your Room in 2019

We know that 2019 is only at the beggining an a lot can change untill the end of it, but I like to be dramatic okay?! I am the type of person that does not know how to sit still, I like to keep finding things to do around the house, and I love toContinue reading “3 Trend Decors for Your Room in 2019”

Hair Acessories Are Back! And I’m Gonna Show You the Pretty Ones

Oieeeee! Hello every, how is your Monday going so far? Mine is being pretty awesome. And during some researching at work today, I got myself staring at some amazing hair acessories and tought it would be great to share them with you. I am gonna start with basic, whch is: bobby pins are back! InContinue reading “Hair Acessories Are Back! And I’m Gonna Show You the Pretty Ones”

Tendência: Shattered Glass Nails

Eu não sou adepta da Nail Art, na verdade nem lembro qual foi a última vez que eu pintei as unhas, mas isso não significa que eu não acho bonito. Uma vez ou outra surgem tendências que me deixam boquiaberta, como essa nova. Shattered Glass, ou vidro despedaçado em português, veio pra tomar o lugarContinue reading “Tendência: Shattered Glass Nails”