How Did I Become An Au Pair

Oieee! Hello guys, how are you doing today? On today’s post I want to begin a serie of posts where I am gonna talk about one of the things that impact my life the most: being an AU PAIR. So if you are there sitting, looking for the program, wanting to apply, searching for storiesContinuar lendo “How Did I Become An Au Pair”

Sunday Vlog: Hillsong Church São Paulo + Scooter Ride

Oieee!! Hello everyone, how are you all feeling today? I decided to share with you some of my Sunday activities. I am obssessive with vlogs, I love creating them and watching, and hope you guys like to watch this one as much as I loved doing it. On Sundays I normally go to Church, I’veContinuar lendo “Sunday Vlog: Hillsong Church São Paulo + Scooter Ride”