Pantone Fashion for Spring 2021 – part II

Last week we spoke about a few Pantone Spring Colors for 2021, and today we are back for more! Are you ready? I am really excited about these colors cause even knowing their on the Spring Palette, they are a very good fit for Fall as well, and you’ll notice why. MINT If Green AshContinue reading “Pantone Fashion for Spring 2021 – part II”

Plaid Pants + Puffy Sleeves

Hey Guys! Its been a while, right? I hope you are all doing okay and excited for today’s post, cause I brought a flawless and timeless outfit for all your beautiful young busy women out there.   Got my combats during this crazy quarentine time and could wait for all to be over to styleContinue reading “Plaid Pants + Puffy Sleeves”


Oiieeee! How’s Everybody? Last month was #RockInRio and I am been trying to do this post since the, and I’m dying to tell you all about it, but it’s gonna have to wait untill the next post, because, right now we’re about to finish the mini-series of Latest Fashion Trends. And I hope you’ve beenContinue reading “ADD NEON TO YOUR CLOSET, WITH NO REGRET.”

Get Ready With Me For Carnaval!

Oieee! Hello everyone, how’s everybody week going so far? I am extremely glad to say that over here is Carnaval, or Carnival , which means I’ve been off for five days so far and was able to catch up on YouTube videos. The one from todays post is nothing less than a Get Ready WithContinue reading “Get Ready With Me For Carnaval!”


Chegou o Outono nos EUA onde as estações são bem delimitadas, mas se engana que a natureza é a unica que muda nessas quatro épocas.. Durante meu intercambio de Au Pair eu presenciei todas as mudanças de estações, os feriados e a rotina dos americanos de cada temporada. Eu já deixei por aqui uma semanaContinue reading “AU PAIR VLOG: ROTINA DE OUTONO”

Fall Photoshoot

Oieee! Explosão de posts hoje : ) Quem assistiu o vídeo do meu aniversário sabe que no dia 5 de novembro rolou a minha meeting, e como a minha LCC é brasileira e já foi Au Pair, as meetings são sempre maras! A de novembro eu amei desde o momento em que ela me contouContinue reading “Fall Photoshoot”