Memories, Outfits and Pictures From My First CARNAVAL

Hello everyone, how are you feeling today? If you are new here you should probably know that this blog has currently only one writter: me! And as this is not a good enough presentation I should shared with you guys a little bit more about me. If you wondering how I look like, here areContinue reading “Memories, Outfits and Pictures From My First CARNAVAL”

Get Ready With Me For Carnaval!

Oieee! Hello everyone, how’s everybody week going so far? I am extremely glad to say that over here is Carnaval, or Carnival , which means I’ve been off for five days so far and was able to catch up on YouTube videos. The one from todays post is nothing less than a Get Ready WithContinue reading “Get Ready With Me For Carnaval!”


Oieeee! Gente, que semana! Eu estou só o pó, cada vez mais cansada, com a agenda completamente cheia, sem computador e sem tempo livre… Mas relaxa que eu não desisti ainda. Eu prometi lá nos stories do insta que quando o canal chegasse a mil inscritos eu lançaria o sorteio de um kit da KylieContinue reading “SORTEIO: LIP KIT DA KYLIE”