How To Do a Fashion Photoshoot in your Apartment

Hey Guys! Quarentine is still on over here, and as a content creator I found myself in neeeding to get out of my comfort zone some how, and i am really proud of the work I’ve been doing so far (which you can all check it out on my Instagram). So, I’ll be here givingContinue reading “How To Do a Fashion Photoshoot in your Apartment”

OOTD: A Dreaming Outfit

Oieee! Hello everyone, I’ve finally got some great content for you guys and I hope you enjoy it. A couple of weeks ago I found this shirt on Cotton On, which was very similar to what I’ve been seeing on Pinterest, Didn’t think twice, and got it for myself. It was on Sale for lessContinue reading “OOTD: A Dreaming Outfit”

Fall Photoshoot

Oieee! Explosão de posts hoje : ) Quem assistiu o vídeo do meu aniversário sabe que no dia 5 de novembro rolou a minha meeting, e como a minha LCC é brasileira e já foi Au Pair, as meetings são sempre maras! A de novembro eu amei desde o momento em que ela me contouContinue reading “Fall Photoshoot”