Let me tell you about Bright Swimwear…

Oieeeee! Hello Everyone, how was the weekend? i hope was full of happiness. On todays post I want to do a little review on Bright Swimwear. Around May, this brand got in touch with me through instagram for a partnership, and I instantly loved what they said, so I immedeately got into their website toContinue reading “Let me tell you about Bright Swimwear…”

Memories, Outfits and Pictures From My First CARNAVAL

Hello everyone, how are you feeling today? If you are new here you should probably know that this blog has currently only one writter: me! And as this is not a good enough presentation I should shared with you guys a little bit more about me. If you wondering how I look like, here areContinue reading “Memories, Outfits and Pictures From My First CARNAVAL”

Fotos de Boston

Todo mundo já está sabendo que eu fui pra Boston e já deve estar de saco cheio de me ouvir falar disso over and over again, mas eu amo tirar fotos e tenho certeza que não postei todas no instagram ainda. E pensando por esse lado, existem razões melhores pra fazer um post pra colocarContinue reading “Fotos de Boston”