Years of Damage: How I Saved My Hair!

First thing I shoud probably tell you is that this takes patience. I am the most anxious person in the planet, and when I started this journey I was so done with my hair, it was literally screaming for help. I was never cautios about my hair, growing up I used to take the easyContinuar lendo “Years of Damage: How I Saved My Hair!”


Oieee! Hello Everyone, how are you guys doing? Today I want to write about one of the things I love to do the most on my phone: edit pictures. And because this is one of my favorite hobbies, I got to discover a few new apps in that last six months, that are now partContinuar lendo “TOP 3 EDITTING APPS”

Let me tell you about Bright Swimwear…

Oieeeee! Hello Everyone, how was the weekend? i hope was full of happiness. On todays post I want to do a little review on Bright Swimwear. Around May, this brand got in touch with me through instagram for a partnership, and I instantly loved what they said, so I immedeately got into their website toContinuar lendo “Let me tell you about Bright Swimwear…”

Resenha: as maquiagens da ipsy – parte 1

Vocês que acompanham o blog sabem que eu sou assinante da ipsy, para os que não sabem ou ainda não entenderam do quese trata, é simplesmente uma necessaire de assinatura que custa dez dólares por mês, e chega, também mensalmente, na minha casa. Cada edição vem com cinco produtinhso que são escolhidos especialmente pra você,Continuar lendo “Resenha: as maquiagens da ipsy – parte 1”